It’s genuinely nice to be nice

Way back when, in the dim and distant past, when smartphones were still only a dream…

CouchSurfing crashed, Casey wrote the famous “so long folks” letter. The community rose up and said we want this to continue. We value our gift economy, we want to keep this journey going. It started in Montreal, then continued in Nelson. There was a sense of possibility in the air. The sky was the limit. Here we were, a community of maybe 100k people dedicated to free exchange.

Ideas abounded, from the practical to the downright wacky. People wanted to build all kinds of weird and wonderful things on top of a fundamental premise, a gift. From the gift of a place to stay for a night, to the gift of a ride somewhere or an hour’s wifi.

That’s where it started.

A lot has changed in the last 7 years. Smartphones are the norm in much of the connected world. CouchSurfing is getting its ass kicked by Airbnb. Facebook has won the web.

The fundamental premise remains. It’s genuinely nice to be nice. CouchSurfing and Airbnb have proven that there’s a fundamental trust between humans. Given the right circumstances, millions of people will welcome a stranger into their home. Fundamentally, people are good, and at our very core, we trust each other.

Our vision is to build systems that enable that latent trust between humans.

Will you join us on the journey? There’s a signup form in the sidebar…

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