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Trustroots goes invitation only

From today, new members can only join Trustroots by invitation. Why? Trustroots is growing, we’ve just passed 25’000 members. We recently issued our first member ban. Until now Trustroots has been focused around the hitchhiking community. As we grow, we want… Read More

Introducing Trustroots Tribes

Today we’re introducing Trustroots Tribes. A Tribe is a group of people on Trustroots with similar interests. How do you build a trust network that can scale up when it grows bigger? This question has occupied our minds for a… Read More

The Invisible Key (& 2)

– Is that a river? – I asked out loud while contemplating the beautiful shore of an small river, but big enough to swim. And no easy to find if you didn’t know the area. Picture perfect. –… Read More

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