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mrkvon and banan arrived here a while ago and have been excellent at getting me deeper into the code base. This led to some  cosmetic changes on the site, including edit buttons on some static pages such as the guide.

Related to that, we now have a wiki: – it’s actually not new, we simply hijacked Couchwiki, which is a wiki I was running since 2009 (when couchsurfing decided to take down the CouchSurfing Wiki – it took a couple more years to pull the final trigger).

And then we have a nicer that can help with getting more people active.

akronix returned for a couple more days, and progressed with a text-based user search function. This will go live really soon. mrkvon and banan have done great work on

We now have a Discourse forum: is a place to coordinate and discuss ideas and more.

And then I’m really happy triphopping Kenny (check his awesome podcast!) arrived here yesterday, he has some great insights how we can make Trustroots more awesome and grow Trustroots in the US.

Lots of good stuff in December, at the Collective.


  1. For the references:
    – I don’t get the “met in person” option, would be better put as “met travelling”, ” met on the road” , … Hosts and guests meet each other most of the time so a more clear differentiation would be helpful
    – only text-references if negative and only to moderators is IMHO not transparent enough. What about a slider from 1 to 10 on how much you agreed, or some way to leave neutral feedback? There are some people that I don’t like because of their behaviour but others might find that OK. Personal feedback with a message is very important. Or maybe like one section “what I liked:” and one “what I disliked:”.
    I would prefer to be on a hosting platform where people take time to give feedback, where giving feedback is part of the experience, also as a reflection for everybody themselves.

    Finally: Giving feedback shouldn’t be a matter of seconds. Else it is always positive and nobody has balls to give neutral or negative feedback. Also I think not every feedback that is negative should be reported that’s why I like that reporting to mods is optional. Maybe it could be more prominent, colorwise or sth.
    Of actually separate from feedback.
    Feedback is to the host/user directly.
    Reporting is to a moderating instance.
    The UNIX way of thinking would be to separate them from each other :D

    1. Thank you Noah, this is good stuff!
      Wanna copy your comment to It’s easier to discuss there.

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