Decolonising Into Circles

You might be wondering why Trustroots is changing the name of Tribes. In this collaborative article we will try to explain what’s behind the change and why this matters. It has mainly been written by Mariyano, a Brazilian backpacker currently under lockdown in Buenos Aires due to the pandemic, and Martin A. who spent a few years travelling before finding relative stability by the European Alps. But as you will see below there has also been plenty of discussion among the Trustroots volunteers, so all in all it’s a rather communal project.

Journeys Through the Night

Community Stories, Vol. II

Welcome to the second part of our community letter to ourselves! In case you missed the first one with Covid-19 lockdown experiences, you can find it here. This time around we are travelling through the night – sleeping at police stations in Pristina, trainhopping to escape from where nobody stops for hitchhikers, and overcoming suspicion in Kończyce-Kolonia.

We hope you enjoy the read and that the stories either bring back memories of your own adventures or inspire you to future ones. A couple of months from now we will publish the next collection of stories where we want to hear about notable Trustroots experiences you’ve had, so send an email to if you feel like it!

New Tribes

In the past couple of days we have been adding new tribes to Trustroots. In total there are 15 additions, based on the most frequent requests we’ve gotten from yourselves.
At the moment the images and descriptions are work in progress, so if you got an epic photo that would make a great Tribe cover, send it to, or join the conversation in our Volunteer Chat.
Sometime in the coming months there will be further updates regarding tribes and what they can become in the future, so stay tuned for that!

Some of the new tribes

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