Trustroots Summer Newsletter

Contents Greetings How to Reach out and Root Hitchhiking During The Pandemic: A Field Report How to Reach Out and Root Want to Join the Trustroots Team? Share your moments Relevant links Greetings Rooters! Happy Summer! We are all slowly, carefully opening our hearts to travel and making connections as the globe tentatively wakes up after theContinue reading “Trustroots Summer Newsletter”

Trustroots Changelog — December/January

Let’s see if this becomes a habit, but the idea is to highlight all the small improvements and continuous efforts that go on Trustroots, thanks to all our volunteers! 👏 The search got a bigger upgrade under the hood — it’s now smoother and faster, especially on mobile. Visuals got refreshed a bit, but primarilyContinue reading “Trustroots Changelog — December/January”

Decolonising Into Circles

You might be wondering why Trustroots is changing the name of Tribes. In this collaborative article we will try to explain what’s behind the change and why this matters. It has mainly been written by Mariyano, a Brazilian backpacker currently under lockdown in Buenos Aires due to the pandemic, and Martin A. who spent aContinue reading “Decolonising Into Circles”

Journeys Through the Night

Community Stories, Vol. II Welcome to the second part of our community letter to ourselves! In case you missed the first one with Covid-19 lockdown experiences, you can find it here. This time around we are travelling through the night – sleeping at police stations in Pristina, trainhopping to escape from where nobody stops forContinue reading “Journeys Through the Night”

How is Trustroots different from Couchsurfing?

The elephant in the room Couchsurfing, the largest hospitality exchange network has announced on the 14th of May, that they will be requiring many of their users to pay a monthly subscription. Since Trustroots is also enabling hospitality exchange, this is very relevant to us. While Couchsurfing hasn’t claimed to be a charity or aContinue reading “How is Trustroots different from Couchsurfing?”

Spring Hackweek

With a pandemic rolling over Europe and borders being closed, it might not be the time for traveling right now. But we think it’s a good time for working on a traveler’s network and pushing it to the next level. So, we didn’t cancel our hackweek that we were looking forward to. Instead, we’re doingContinue reading “Spring Hackweek”