Trustroots Changelog β€” December/January

Let’s see if this becomes a habit, but the idea is to highlight all the small improvements and continuous efforts that go on Trustroots, thanks to all our volunteers! πŸ‘

The search got a bigger upgrade under the hood β€” it’s now smoother and faster, especially on mobile. Visuals got refreshed a bit, but primarily this change will also unlock any future improvements to Search. Stay tuned!

Already visited dots are now a bit transparent, and currently selected offer is black.

Before / After


  • New Circle descriptions and images for quite a few circles.
  • New areas of Trustroots available for translation: contact page, statistics page, and search map. This will get us closer to releasing translated Trustroots to everyone.
  • Fix our Instagram & Twitter profile links at the site, and both of those profiles have been much more active recently, too.
  • Fixed profile description jumping while editing it.
  • Added API for blocking users (half the job done, now the interface…)
  • New experiences feature had boatloads of progress, bringing it closer to public release.
  • We sent out a newsletter! πŸŽ‰
  • We kept helping you out by the support team. ❀️


  1. Someone in reddit (i have the log) told me he was kicked out of couchsurfing for sex-related misbehaviour and that now he is trying to make trustroots popular in his country (USA) where it is not popular at all. I dont know if he was trolling me but he seemed genuinely annoyed by my own accusations against couchsurfing for ”survival sex” allowed in their ‘community” especially after they became ‘for profit”.
    My question is: Is Trustroots doing something for sexual and other unwanted behaviour to protects its users? If a woman (or man) is sexualy assaulted, as it happened many times in couchsurfing to many people (but most assaults go unreported as statistics say generally for rape culture), is Trustroots doing something to facilitate the level of trust and security among its members?
    Also, under what logic did Trustroots become free to subscribe when before it was only ”by invitation”? It makes little sense to call it trustroots now because anyone, really anyone, for example people kicked out of couchsurfing for harassment of other members, can be active in Trustroots and continue their small crime activities that usually are evolved around sexual harassment of tourists who are usually lost in a foreign country. Business Insider promoted many years ago in an article couchsurfing one of the leading hospex sites as better than tinder. SO I hope trustroots does not fall at the low quality of couchsurfing that has become just a tinder-like app.

    PS: Do you read reddit? Many couchsurfers say they like the hang outs part of the couchsurfing app. WHy not make a similar gimmick in trustroots app? But please make it easy to report sexist/racist content that I saw many times (not only against me) in couchsurfing hang-outs. A report button on every hang out or at least a reminder saying people can do screenshot and send to an email address of trustroots? This is not so technically heavy but still works to remind users that safety is first priority even in a free app like trustroots. The very word trust is your selling point and all apps are sold even if for free.

    Also, how I can be sure someone is trustworthy when your main trustworthiness element is connecting to his or her couchsurfing or bewelcome profile? Isnt that a bit weird ? I prefer to see his/her facebook or linkedin or even a blog than his couchsurfifng reviews that may often not indicate exactly someone that is safe. Many crimes in couchsurfing happened by members who had many positive reviews and non-negative.

    Amicably, Anna Zinonos, Greece

    1. I agree with what you wrote and I share your concerns about hospex sites turning Tinder-like. To answer your question: I am volunteering in the support team and keeping Trustroots a safe place is our priority. The ideas you brought (e.g. reminders to warn people that screenshots can be taken) sound interesting to me and worthy to implement. Would you be interested in continuing the discussion in our volunteer chat on Slack, Anna?

      1. If it’s easier for you are also welcome to join our WhatsApp or Telegram community chat πŸ™‚


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