Trustroots Can Now Be Translated

Hallo, Hola, Hello, Salut, Ciao,

There’s a lot going on behind the screens, and we have volunteers working on different fields to improve our platform. One of those fields is translating Trustroots to multiple languages, and we’re happy to say we’re releasing translated Trustroots in five of those languages!

From this day forward, you can select one of these languages, and instead of English, most wording will change in your selected language. Of course, our goal is to offer more languages, but for that: We need your help! If you’re interested, please join our volunteer team. We’ll help you get started.

When logged out, you’ll see a language button in the top right corner of the homepage. Here you can select your preferred language. When logged in, you can change your language preference at the “interface language” section in your account settings.

Please note that this is not an automatic translation tool. Therefore everything you write on your profile will show as the language that you wrote it in. The same goes for other members their profiles. This tool is created to make it easier to navigate and use Trustroots for those preferring another language than English.

Here are also some numbers on translation progress:

Translation status

Note that 100% refers to portion of website that currently can be translated. Some parts of Trustroots are still on little bit older technology and are not included in translation tool. To help us get over finish line, join our development team!

Happy rooting!

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