Trustroots Hackathon This Weekend!


This coming weekend there is another Hackathon happening! For three days and nights our team will be devoting as much time as possible working on projects like our react migration, iOS application and i18N translations.

We’re are also looking for additional volunteers who would like to support with our communications and social media presence. Besides our long term tech volunteers, there will be volunteers from our support, communications and community building teams and our friends from the Open Hospitality Network and HerAdventures will also be joining. In short, it’s going to be a hoot!

It won’t only be online, it will also be happening in real life and one of our Swiss volunteers, Chagai, will be hosting at his Chalet. Just show up at the address below, there will be volunteers to assist with any of your needs. Online, drop by at come this Friday UTC 18:00.


  1. Looking forward to seeing everyone 🙃

  2. See you tonight 🤩

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