Introducing Trustroots

Yay! is now out of the first testing/bugfixing round. It’s time to join us and spread the word!

This post was originally published at Mikael’s blog.

Me and other hospex activists are creating a new volunteer based gift/free-economy project. While hosting will be at the core of Trustroots, it’s not limited to it.

Hitchwiki Hosts

This project started from an idea to create “Hitchwiki Hosts”. We were frustrated with CouchSurfing and later with BeWelcome not really moving forward, and thus we decided to act.

For now Trustroots is very simple. You can create a profile and see other travellers willing to host or meet on the map. Map format works great for hitchhiking and for rural hospitality.

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 00.10.42

Eventually Trustroots will be “suitable” also for broader audience but at first we’re focusing mostly on hitchhikers. In the future you could join other communities such as “geeks”, “digital nomads” or whatnot. You could choose to host travellers from, say “hitchhikers” and “geeks” only. We’ve been running something called “hackercouch” for geeks inside GitHub. It’s a fun hack but shows well how there’s a need for all sorts of specialized hospex platforms.

Open source and not for profit

Trustroot is a non-commercial open source project with strong ideals, just like our other projects Hitchwiki, Nomadwiki and Trashwiki. While our wikis are projects for collecting knowledge, Trustroots will be the community platform for them. It’s not a startup.

Our aim is to create a more solid non-profit legal base later down the road. Hitchwiki is backed by German hitchhiking club Abgefahren e.V. and Trashwiki/Nomadwiki are independent projects run by Kasper, me and Philipp. Kasper and Philipp started Hitchwiki back in 2006 — I joined the gang in 2008.

Help us build this project

We will need a lot of help from everyone to test, code, design, plan, organise volunteering and legal base structures, and so on. Please let me know if you would like to help in any way!

For those wondering why I’m not helping BeWelcome anymore; I’ll be elaborating more about this later. In short; we were doing our best volunteering for BeWelcome. While it’s an awesome project, it has its problems behind the curtains. After a year or so me and many others left the project. We thought we can be way more efficient on our own.

I wouldn’t like to call this an alternative for CouchSurfing or BeWelcome (although it de-facto is), because it sets a little bit negative and rebellious tone for the project. Additionally in the future Trustroots might be more than just a simple hospex-map. I’m thinking in terms of combining data from our other projects, free ridesharing, borrowing bikes etc. But that’s the future and I have my long term vision:

Somebody said: “i would love to see hitchhikers leave CS and FB for their chats”. — I promise to work hard to make this happen. Might take a year or two but eventually, slowly. *

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Now go ahead and try Trustroots!


  1. The site seems to be down?

    1. libertedeparole: thanks, now it’s up but I’m looking at logs if I can see the reason why that would’ve been. Lemme know if it happens again.

      1. I can access this “comment” page.

        I see this one too:

        But when I click from that page or this one on “home”, I get sent to!/ which appears completely blank. I’m on Mac 10.9.5, Firefox 34. If I try to reaccess my profile page,!/profile/libertedeparole/, I also receive a blank page. (The trustroots icon appears in my address bar.)

  2. Restarting my browser seems to have fixed the problem. I’ll let you know if I have further issues.

    1. Note that I had the same problem on 2 macs running the same OS & FF

      1. Thanks! Did you access beta version from both computers earlier? Seems like we gotta harden our cache-resets when we deploy new versions.

  3. After trying to edit my profile, I am having the same problems accessing many site pages. It was also after profile-editing that the problem first arose.

  4. libertedeparole:
    “when I click from that page or this one on “home”, I get sent to!/ which appears completely blank. I’m on Mac 10.9.5, Firefox 34. If I try to reaccess my profile page,!/profile/libertedeparole/, I also receive a blank page.”

    I cannot duplicate this experience. Tried on more than one OS and browser; still couldn’t reproduce.

    Also, is the comments section following a single, random blog post the most useful place to start accumulating (potential) tech support issues and possible solutions?

    1. would be best place for tech issues, at least from dev perspective. From a user perspective it might be better to use something else. Any ideas?

  5. Kasper, any kind of (FOSS) forum or even wiki would do. Something users can search, for questions already asked. It would also be nice if it makes use of a SSO (Single Sign On, for TR as a whole… main site, blog comments, forum posts, etc.)

    I’m so pleased to see all the new dots appearing on the map, every time I log in – onward and upward!

    1. There’s
      I don’t really want to set up and/or manage a forum at this point. Suggestions and proposals welcome though.

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