Introducing the Trustroots shop

We have just launched a shop for Trustroots t-shirts and apparel — something our members have been asking for a while now.

We want a world that encourages trust, adventure and intercultural connections. This is another way to show you are part of Trustroots family and promote that the willingness to help each other is universal, where ever we go.

About designs

Currently there are just some basic designs available. We will be adding more little by little. If you have a great design or sketch, feel free to send us your designs so we could increase the variety!

At the shop you can use “create” feature to play with designs and create your unique t-shirt. You could add a gathering name or a message to keep great memories of Trustroots events. Check it out! Note that it might cost a little extra.

About prices

The Trustroots Foundation receives no income from any transaction, so you just pay exactly the cost of each item. Just growing Community.

The shop is hosted on Spreadshirt a worldwide respected custom merchandise printer.

There is 15% discount on all items for the next 10 days.

Maker’s gonna make their own!

You can totally do this on your own as well! Grab our logo design or poster and check instructions how to print your own t-shirts:


Thanks for all the love and support!


Don’t forget to take pics of you wearing it and tag us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Trustroots goes invitation only

From today, new members can only join Trustroots by invitation.


Trustroots is growing, we’ve just passed 25’000 members. We recently issued our first member ban. Until now Trustroots has been focused around the hitchhiking community. As we grow, we want to manage the transition to a wider audience carefully.

Right now we simply don’t have the features to support a diverse audience of people with differing values. We want to build on the tribes feature, and add a whole lot more to help with this. But for the time being, we feel that it’s better to keep our growth more focused.


How does the invitation system work?

Members can get invitation codes on the new “invite friends” page. You can send the code to friends who you think are a good fit for the spirit of Trustroots. Please be conscious about who you invite.

How many invites can I send?

There is currently no fixed limit. We’ll see how this model works and update it over time.

How long will this last?

The whole idea is an experiment. As we develop features to better support a wider range of value systems, we’ll open things up.

Won’t that slow growth?

Yes,it might. We think that growing more carefully, even if more slowly, makes more sense than growing too fast and potentially diluting trust within the community.

Help us

We’re ambitious. We want to build the world’s largest digital trust network and to make this happen we need help. We’re looking for people with a practical hands on approach. Read more.

Applying Trustroots values

This is the Trustroots vision statement:

“A world that encourages trust and adventure.”

These are a couple of the rules on

  • Be friendly and know when to stop messaging someone.
  • Be yourself, helpful, kind, responsible and respectful of others.

Behaviour that is not respectful, is rude, aggressive, or discriminatory, does not belong on Trustroots.

First member ban

To that end, Trustroots banned a member today for the first time. The decision wasn’t taken lightly, but it was taken quickly. We received a report, discussed with both members involved, and ultimately felt that one member was clearly behaving outwith the Trustroots spirit.

We hope that over time we can build features that reward respectful behaviour, and disincentivise the opposite. It looks like the network is reaching the size where trust features are becoming increasingly important. We hope to experiment with some innovative ideas in that space over the next year.

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