Spring Hackweek

With a pandemic rolling over Europe and borders being closed, it might not be the time for traveling right now. But we think it’s a good time for working on a traveler’s network and pushing it to the next level.

So, we didn’t cancel our hackweek that we were looking forward to. Instead, we’re doing it online. While a lot of people are currently struggling with the challenges of remote collaboration, we’re already used to it.

Today, we started the hackweek and we’re happy some new faces joined the gang! There are a lot of different ways anyone can contribute to Trustroots. If you want to be a part of that, get in touch! You don’t have to be a hacker to join the hackweek ;)

That all being said, we all value in-person contact very much and we’re looking forward to have a hackweek in the physical world once that is possible again.


Trustroots in 2020

We are starting the new year with a lot of ideas and full of motivation to better the service that we can provide to you.
We are a few volunteers that work on Trustroots and we are working hard.

  1. Trustroots User Survey
  2. Registration for Hackweek April 2020

We are not and will never ask you for payment or in any way capitalize on the data that you provide. You can although help us with a special contribution: A few moments of your time!
We would like to help us with a short contribution so that we can continue to provide a useful and pleasant service. Also, we want to open the gap between the users and the volunteers on Trustroots for more inclusion of user opinions and knowledge.

We are conducting a user survey to figure out some statistics (anonymously, publicly accessible here later) about the platform. The idea is to get feedback on features and habits so that we can shape Trustroots according to your needs. It will take you between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on how much detail you want to add. It would be of great help!

The topics of the survey include:

  • Why did you join Trustroots?
  • Which devices you use?
  • How much experience do you have with Trustroots?
  • Questions about an upcoming reference feature
  • How is trust created? 
  • What kind of development or functions on Trustroots would you like to see?

We are opening registration for a Trustroots Hackweek in Germany where YOU can contribute with your time and knowledge. It will happen 11th to 19th of April. The cool thing: You do not need to be a programmer or computer specialist to join! Check out the registration form for a list of possible contribution.

Trustroots is still going strong since the launch back in 2016, but keeping momentum is these kind of projects is hard, we’ve been having a bit of a reboot of the team, now that some of the founders are less available with the usual family and work commitments.

We’ve been having regular video meetings for the last few months, and want to connect more with each other and the wider community of users to help build the future of Trustroots. This is a really crucial time for defining the future of the platform, there are many ideas and many directions.

Not many platforms manage to be free from commercialization or data violations, so please, help us to keep Trustroots resilient!

As we are not sure how many people might be interested but have a limited capacity to host people we decided that in case more then 20 people register we open the possibility to join via online stream. If you would prefer that option, please add it in the registration info.

Depending on your motivation and skill we will choose a set of participants from the ones that registered for the hackweek and send more detailed information via email. Everyone who registers is still invited to join us on Slack or via stream during the lectures and activities that they are interested.

Topics at the hackweek will be:

  • Infrastructure of Trustroots:
    • Server and requirements
    • Setting up a local copy
    • Structure of the app and programming language specifics
    • Moderation and support on social platforms in a male-dominated culture
  • Open Issues:
    • Easy to start ‘first issues’ with short explanation and help
    • Prominent bugs
    • Working on the reference feature
    • Focus on points of the user survey
  • Social activities:
    • Cooking and enjoying life together
    • Walks
    • Movie screening
    • Open to your ideas

Thank you very much for your consideration!
We wish you a plesant experience here on Trustroots. If you want to share some thoughts you can always contact us through the Support form.

Barcelona Hacking Collective

Last year winter we organized an Iberian Collective in the south of Spain to activate volunteers and boost the development of Trustroots. We realized that meeting physically and saving some dates is the best way for us (the volunteers behind the social network) to focus and dedicate time to the Trustroots project.

For this reason, we are calling for another collective, a physical meetup of Trustroots volunteers, developers, supporters and anyone with the will to help. The purposes are similar as last year: work on the codebase passionately, think on new features, meet and get together in person, welcome new volunteers and make strategic decisions. And, of course, we will organize some fun activities too!

This time the event will take place in Barcelona (the exact place is still to be confirmed) and will happen during the weekend of the 30th of November – 1st of December, although some people will stay around longer.

We are specially looking for JavaScript ninja coders. But people willing to do support, sysops, moderation, communication and design are welcome too.

Come and spread the word. We need more enthusiastic people on board!

If you have any question or want to confirm assistance, please reach out: akronix5@gmail.com

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